Our purpose is to bring prosperity through a complete and perfect business management software for your business, with all the service and support that you, the entrepreneur, deserve! We believe that it is possible to create together, oktreefruit, clients and accountants, an environment that allows success to become the rule for anyone who wants to undertake.
Break the management paradigm: it can be simple and intuitive.


Helping our clients, from small to large, to live the full potential of managing their business, through a platform that solves the complexity of processes and is simple, intuitive and secure, providing entrepreneurial education and financial services.

Our culture is a reflection of the thinking of the people who work here, who share a series of values that are reflected in all the actions of our day to day. We believe that people build a great company, not just technology.
There is always a more creative and innovative way of doing things, but without excellent execution, it is worthless. And combining creativity with execution, we exceeded all expectations.